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Education apps
90 advanced applications, quizzes, simulations supporting students from various fields of science.

Client had

Documentation from the Ministry of Education about the project assumptions and an active platform with educational materials, with which frontend integration was required.

Client needed

At first, understanding the top-down requirements and project assumptions, which we jointly defined as creating tools for remote learning of professional tasks for high school students studying in such industries as: construction, wood and furniture, economic and administration, power engineering, IT, electronic and mechatronic, hotel, catering and tourism, fashion, food, printing. In the next step, real implementation and development of the application adequately to the requirements.

We did

We helped the client interpret the MEN documentation and translate it into specific system solutions. We support the client at every stage of system development, starting from industry analysis, through designing a solution with the client, implementing, adapting to requirements (there were 3 cycles of evaluation and government assessment, evaluating our solutions in terms of content, functionality and WCAG), integration with external frontend platform, to continuous development of the application and ongoing content creation.


90 interactive front-end applications located on a learning platform available to students from all over Poland.


The team utilized React, MUI and JS to create a functionality that displayed and stimulated educational problems for students. Aplicativ successfully delivered a well-functioning website with excellent analytics, adhering to the timeline and highest standards. I liked their ability to communicate excellently and proactively resolve problems. The team coordinated the timelines and problems using Jira, Figma, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet. Overall, they were highly proactive, communicative, and quick.

Marek Kiersznowski
General Manager CRDE Digital

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