Our mission

Our passion is to build software painlessly, therefore we create a place where reasonable solutions are made based on a holistic approach to client challenges.

Our values

Partnership - with people: employees, clients, suppliers, based on mutual respect, trust, cooperation and understanding
Professionalism - effective use of our knowledge and co-responsibility for achieving our goals
Commitment - passion and ambition in every action
Creativity - seeking new solutions, not accepting the status quo
Quality - wow factor!
Ballance - harmony, work-life ballance
Authenticity - acting in line with our values

Our vibe

The greatest value of Aplicativ is the People. Together, we build an environment where everyone feels important, appreciated and can develop. We build on our strengths, not only our individual and mutual awareness, but we also choose a team so that our talent map is complete. This allows each of us to fulfill ourselves in what we feel best at. We draw strength from diversity, which allows us to take a holistic approach to every challenge.