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“We are highly skilled, full of passion professionals who love what they do - to build reliable systems that help businesses grow and prosper!”

Our main competences

Frontend development

We love to make a positive change to our client business with beautiful and functional products built with rock-solid development practices. Our engineers create apps using React and typescript or Javascript, giving you the cleanliness, readability, and re-usability essential to a great user experience with fast load times. 

Backend development

We strive to produce maintainable, flexible and secure software. Our team follows Agile principles and practices, using the latest technologies in the industry. We ensure that the code reflects actual business processes: by applying DDD, EventStorming and TDD, we design applications that delight our customers and make their lives easier. Finally, we take care of security by following OWASP standards.


We deliver outstanding UX/UI design. We specialize in creating UX/UI designs that deliver maximum benefits to our clients and maximize their profits. Whether you need a website, a mobile app, or a custom software application, we have the skills and expertise to design and develop a solution that meets clients specific needs.

Architecture consulting

Whether you're a start-up or an established company, our architecture consulting services will help you optimize your existing software systems and improve their reliability and performance. We are experienced in designing architectures for scalability, maintainability, and upgradability that meet the needs of your business. By investing in a well-designed architecture with us, companies can avoid future issues, save time and money, and ensure long-term success.


Machine learning is the absolute future! Its changing the world right here, right now. Whether you need a custom ML solution for your business or want to integrate AI capabilities into your existing systems, we can help you leverage the power of machine learning to drive business growth and innovation by using expertise and experience to deliver high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

Project management

Our approach to project management is all about being client-centric. Responding to their needs is as important as actively supporting them by precisely defining the challenge. To effectively implement the assumptions, we use the hybrid of agile & scrum, which helps us to plan, implement and monitor the progress of our actions. In addition, we work in sprints with all of our clients, so they are always up to date with the project status and quickly and regularly see the effects of development. Thanks to that, both clients and developers feel safe in approaching the projects goals.

Cyber security

Prioritize the protection of your digital assets. With our expertise and adherence to OWASP, we provide customized solutions to help companies identify and mitigate potential security risks. Cyber security is essential because it helps safeguard sensitive data, prevents financial losses, and protects against cyber attacks that could harm an organization's reputation. Trust us to help keep your business safe and secure from cyber threats.


We want to be a partner for our clients in every step in the project. Launching a new project can be time-consuming, so we do project kickoff services to help our clients quickly launch their projects with a Minimum Viable Product. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to define project requirements, develop a project plan, and execute it efficiently. We prioritize speed and quality to ensure a successful project launch, and our agile approach allows for quick adjustments and improvements as needed.

Mobile App Development

With mobile app development services from us, your business will be able to reach a wider audience, engage customers and generate new revenue streams. We will work with you to develop a custom mobile application that meets your unique business requirements and delivers tangible benefits to your organization.


We have a holistic approach to the needs and projects of our clients and a fully pragmatic approach to development.

We assess each project individually and choose the right tools for the job. For example, if a project needs a quick turnaround, we might use open-source frameworks to build it. On the other hand, if the solution requires a more complex technology stack tailored to your business needs, we are well placed to work with you and provide a framework-agnostic approach.

As a result, we aim to deliver high-quality, efficient solutions in line with your business goals and we do this using the best and most adequate technologies.

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Google Cloud

In three simple steps

We are highly skilled professionals who love what they do — to build reliable systems that help businesses grow and prosper!



25-minute exploratory call with our team when you receive our recommendations on how to proceed with your project.


Workshop & Kickoff

Workshop during which we will work on your idea. Later you will receive a plan and will establish direct contact with your developers.


Development & Launch

Daily standups, sprint & backlog planning, and retrospectives to develop new product features. Then the final product launch.

Trusted us

So far, the Aplicativ team has delivered reliable services on time and with quality. They hold meetings twice a week with the client, setting clear plans and providing important updates. They've also impressed with their dedication to the project - they're willing to work beyond the call of duty. They've helped with other aspects of our work, even though it's not part of the project scope.

Project Manager
Vistula University

Aplicativ successfully helped in device control and provided a valuable environment and accurate dosing. They held several virtual meetings and communicated through emails, establishing a smooth process. Above all, they demonstrated a high level of expertise and experience during the engagement. Thanks to their experience, we managed to connect different devices from different producers to the WAGO controller.

Mechanical Engineering Student

The team utilized React, MUI, JS  to create a functionality that displayed and stimulated educational problems for students. Aplicativ successfully delivered a well-functioning website with excellent analytics, adhering to the timeline and highest standards. I liked their ability to communicate excellently and proactively resolve problems. The team coordinated the timelines and problems using Jira, Figma, Microsoft Teams, and Google meet. Overall, they were highly proactive, communicative, and quick. 

Marek Kiersznowski
General Manager CRDE Digital
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